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Sunday, 4 February 2018

Croydon 2018 Walks Leaflet

I have updated out 2018 walks, on the panel on the right, and Croydon have published this leaflet for the first 6 Months.

Croydon Walks

Large Blue in Somerset

A long trip with Greenie in the Wild, for the Large Blue, 27th June 2016, started with a visit to John Vanderplanks Passionflower Collection, after an hour, we moved to the well known Large Blue site, where we found a few flying.

We moved onto a second site, where the Large Blues were earlier and well worn by know, a survey was being carried out on Six Belted Clearwing Moths.

Queen of Spain Fritillary in Sussex

The very rare migrant Queen of Spain Fritillary was seen for a couple of weeks in Sussex, a trip with Greenie in the Wild was taken to see this life first butterfly on 29th August 2017.

Adonis Blue at Hutchinsons Bank

Adonis Blue along the cutting.

A small colony of Adonis Blue, has established along the cutting, this male hatched 6th August 2017, the first of the 2nd brood, a few first brood were seen in May.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Latest Glanvilles

We had a ab. wittei Glanville Fritillary last week, so far the only one this year.

Normal Glanvilles have been hatching and are seen in the Cutting and Bridleway in good numbers, they are just emerging in the big scrape today.

a pupa was found attached to a stone
yesterday we had our first observed pairing

its our open day on Sunday 29th, so many people will be giving information and guided walks

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Glanvilles Are Flying

Our Glanville Fritillary buterflies are now flying at Hutchinsons Bank.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Glanville Fritillary

The Hutchinsons Bank colony of Glanville Fritillary looks like it will have a good year this year.

In the cutting so far 42 larvae that have overwintered and are now fully grown have recently been found. They are hiding around the scrapes and in the centre of the cutting track.

At the other end of the site there is a larval web of about 200 larvae also fully grown, these also will be wandering to pupate in the next week. The adult butterflies should be flying from 14th May.

Butterfly wise it has been quiet but 2 Grizzled Skippers have been seen.