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Monday, 23 July 2012

Blank Wood and Military Orchid Site

On the Way back to Croydon we first stopped off at the Red Helleborine site, now closed off to public, then onto Blank Wood, one of the Ghost Orchid sites in the 1980s, and more recent ? 1999. Nothing at the 1986 site, but its suitable for them again, but only saw Yellow-Birdsnest. Onto the other location, where Ted and myself got separated, again only Yellow-Birdsnest, in the dark, around the ditches.

Just down the road is the 1947 Military Orchid site where J. E Lousley a Surrey Botanist rediscovered this species on a picnic with his family. Ted & Myself did not manage to join the list of discoveries by travelling Surrey Botanists. Military Orchid in Seed, and Narrow-Lipped Helleborine in Bud. After a late lunch we joined the M25 Queue at Junctions 15 to 11.

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