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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Great Train Journey East & West

Butterfly Conservations Butterfly & Train walk, was in variable conditions,starting from Betchworth Station, which has a train every 2 hours.

 The train arrives at 11.13 hopefully with some butterfly walkers on board.
About 12 people have arrived for the long walk to Dorking.

The Great Train Journey West started at Dorking Deepdeane, a train trip to Gomshall, then a walk up the hillside to White Downs. Where we saw our first Silver Spotted Skippers and Chalkhill Blues.
 Along the North Downs Way we saw pairs of Common Blue, Meadow Browns, A Brown Argus was seen at the lunch spot.
 Along the top path we found the lovely caterpillar of the Alder Moth feeding on Dogwood, Then a walk down the hillside to the bottom carrageway.
 The Carrageway was blocked by a few cattle, taking a rest from their work.

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