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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Hutchinsons Bank Walk

Our 2nd Butterfly walk was in marginal weather at the begining, but at 11am the sun started to appear, and the first butterflies started flying, A Green-veined White was seen in the cutting.

Wild Strawberry the foodplant of the Grizzled Skipper was photographed in the scrapes, along the cutting.

Two Grizzled Skippers were seen on Slimming Down, at the far end of the reserve.

A male Orange Tip flitted past at the junction with Three Cornered Grove, we didnt walk to Chapel Bank this time, so headed back along the bottom of the site.


Greenie said...

Martin ,
You did well to get anything given the weather .
I know it wasn't the one seen , but the plant that the Orange Tip is feeding on has got the old grey matter churning ?

Spock said...

The Orange Tip was the one seen, and was looking for a landing space for a couple of minutes, so when it settled on a Blackthorn i was ready for a few seconds of video footage.

Marc Heath said...

Lovely set of shots. Like you I have been busy after Orange Tip shots. Take a look if you have time at my blog.