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Friday, 31 May 2013

Small Blues & Man Orchid

Visited Hutchinsons & Chapel Bank Nature Reserves today, saw my first Small Blue Butterflies for the year, along the cutting.

A pair of Small Heaths were nearby in the middle of the path. I walked over to Chapel Bank to look for Green Hairstreaks before they finish for the year, found them along the usual hedge, they were not in the mood to be filmed, and went up into the canopy.
The Red Arm & Leg form
In the field i looked for Man Orchids, they were only just coming out, a month behind where they should be. This is the Red Arm form

The Early Purple Orchids were still in flower.

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Greenie said...

Martin ,
Chanced an hour in The Cut this morning and with a bit of sunshine managed one Small Blue , near the 5 bar gate . 2 Sm. Heath and a Burnet Companion were the only other ones on the wing .