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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Denbies Hillside

Sundays walk on Denbies Hillside, started on the upper slopes, in fine rain, plenty of Chalkhill Blues flying and pairing everywhere. A Dark Green Fritillary was feeding on a thistle.

Along the track a Silver-Spotted Skipper was warming up in a sunny spot.

Male Chalkhill Blues were feeding on dung.

We walked down the hillside, had our lunch, then walked to the spot where we had the Clouded Yellows on Saturday. When the sun re-appeared 3 Clouded Yellows were spotted, feeding on the Ragwort flowerheads. We then walked along the bottom track, and back up the steps up the steep slope back to the car park. We stopped off at Hutchinsons Bank again on the way home. 3 more Clouded Yellows were seen along the cutting. A Silver-Washed Fritillary was seen along the Bridleway.

Back along the cutting 2 Clouded Yellows were sitting in the scrape, where they seem to rest.

Its Hutchinsons Bank transect day tomorrow, so more Clouded Yellows should be seen again.

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