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Thursday, 8 August 2013

White Letter Hairstreak & Clouded Yellow 3

An early morning trip to High Elms Bromley with Greenie, was great as we had many White Letter Hairstreaks feeding on the Golden Rod. Silver-Washed Fritillaries, Peacock were also feeding in profusion.

After an hour or so we moved back to Hutchinsons Bank for Clouded Yellows again, hoping for a female or two, this time. At least two males were patrolling along the cutting, we decided to walk up to the flowery mmeadow above, and found a female feeding, it was moving back towards the cutting, and another female was also seen at the top of the steps down to the cutting, it was moving ahead of us, and turned into the cutting. Before not to long it met a male coming the other way, and was pairing within seconds. I left the camera running and went further along the cutting, only to have a male fly around the first pair, [see sequence below]

after a few seconds if shot off and found the second female, which was now at the end of the cutting, so now there were 2 pairs. Another male, was seen while the 4 were still pairing, and another female slightly later, but before the 2 pairs split up. In all a great day.

1 comment:

Greenie said...

Martin ,
A beautiful sequence of shots that you should be really proud of .
I doubt if either of us will ever see the like again .
Certainly was a great day .